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We curate experiences. 

We sell badass art.

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Experience Art.

Custom curated artistic experiences for your home and business.

Working with private in-home clients and businesses in a variety of industries, The Art Party brings you the ultimate artistic experience - with none of the pretense of a traditional gallery!  Our experienced team custom curates an exhibition just for you and your crew, then noninvasively installs it in your office or event space.  Throughout the event, we give personal tours of the exhibit, complete with an explanation of the process and techniques, as well as fun anecdotes about the artists that will have you seeing the artwork in a whole new light.

Entertain on a New Level.

Transform your space into a personalized gallery and immersive art encounter.  Leave your guests with an unforgettable experience and artwork that will last them a lifetime.

Give your guests a unique opportunity to connect with talented, local artists and to expand their cultural vocabulary and aesthetic dialogue.  Best of all - The Art Party provides wildly interesting conversation pieces and adds striking decor to your space!

Get your Art Party started!

“I hosted an Art Party for my clients as an appreciation event.  The quality of the artwork was incredible, and the staff was a dream to work with.  Highly recommend.”

-Jen Siebert, Chicago, Illinois


Connecting you with local, living artists

(because dead artists don't need your money).

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“Amazing concept, killer artwork.  I was blown away by how much fun we had.”  

-David Whitten, Cincinnati, Ohio



Why Art Party?



We Believe in Art.

We firmly believe that art has the power to change lives.  It transcends social, historical, and political differences and has the ability to calm, or utterly disrupt one's psyche.  But let's face it...not everyone feels comfortable talking about, connecting with, and purchasing art.  Even less are the number of individuals who call themselves collectors.

That's why we started The Art Party - to create a safe space, free of pretense - a new way to collect.  A place where guests are encouraged to ask questions about the artists' techniques and methods in order to develop an understanding and appreciation for emerging talent.  We aim to create a unique, enjoyable experience for our partygoers, enlisting them with the confidence to begin a collection of their own.

Are you a believer?  Stay connected.

“These two ladies really know their stuff.  With their apparent passion for art and the artists behind the work, it really makes partygoers feel confident in their experience.”

-Jessica Golz, St. Charles, Illinois